....running between sea and sky -  over the iconic 'old' Severn Bridge. 

The Severn Bridge 10k 2024 - Sunday 25th August

There are some FUNDAMENTAL changes to the race this year, and it is important that you read this pre-amble in its entirety, before entering.

Since the initial race in 2014, we have had several challenges to overcome.

One year we had re-route the half marathon course into Wales, rather than England, with only a couple of months notice. This involved fast-tracking some road closures.

Another year, we had 10 days notice to change the venue from Wales to England, and organise a time trial format.

More recently, it looked like an on-the-day cancellation was inevitable, when the Traffic Management crew hadn’t obliged at the correct time.

This year, we’ve had a double whammy, first having our closure window restricted to a time that made a half marathon not viable. Then, a directive that made a road closure impossible.

So, this year, the M48 carriageway will not be closed. There will not be a half marathon. However, we will organise a 10K on the walkway/pavement, across the bridge. 

We have never failed to provide a race, but now we need your support to make this year’s event happen. We have seen many organisers fail to overcome lesser hurdles than those detailed.

Ride the wave with us.    Enter here